Reusing waste material is becoming more popular and with the potential threat of global warming it is important that everyone tries to recycle more. At Phelps Brothers we believe in recycling as high a percentage of waste as possible. We split vehicles into the following:


All engines are sent away and melted down so that the aluminium can be used for making new engines.

Engine oil

This is sent away to be processed. It is then used as an alternative to conventional fuels for power station furnaces, heating tarmac and drying stone in quarries.


This is collected in the depollution area and sent for recycling.

Car batteries

The batteries are crushed by a huge press, breaking them down into valuable component parts, which can then be carefully sorted for re-use. The acid is treated and neutralised.

Engine coolant and screen-wash

These are removed on site and then sent for recycling

Brake Fluid

This is removed and sent for recycling.


Lead is melted down to make not only more car batteries, but also guttering for roofs and shields for X-ray machines in hospitals.


All plastic is thoroughly washed, dried and ground up into granules, which are then used to manufacture a variety of products, including recycling collection boxes, furniture, paint trays, car parts, drainpipes and – fittingly – more car battery cases.